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"Come back by page or screen, Hogwarts will be waiting for you"-JK Rowling

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime By Mark Haddon

This is an amazing book. Set from the view of an autistic teenager in England, this is a touching story about a boy and a dead dog.

Christopher John Francis Boone is an autistic teen who detests the colour yellow, and loves red. One night, while taking a walk, he finds a neighborhood dog that was stabbed with a gardening fork, dead. Alarmed and severely confused, he tries to figure out who would murder such a loveable dog and why??


Pet Sematary- By Stephen King

I am currently in the middle of this book, and this is the first Stephen King book I have ever read. All of Stephen’s books have a paranormal twist to it. For example, in this book animals come back to life.

Louis Creed and his family have just moved to a large house in a quiet town in Maine. The Creeds meet the neighbor, Jud, who tells them of a pet cemetery on Louis’ property. When they visit the cemetery, they all are intrigued by an odd feeling the cemetery gives them.

When Louis’ cat , Winston Churchill, is killed by a car, he buries it in an extension of the pet cemetery that Jud shows him. The next morning, however, Winston is alive.

There may be more to this childish whim than Louis and his family think…

The Fault In Our Stars

Now, as a note before hand I have not yet read the book. I have watched the movie, which people are saying is extremely close to the book.

The movie was VERY good and I now know why it is, like, the movie of the year. The movie is wonderfully heartbreaking and has a good sense of realism. The movie makes you feel as though you are the characters and that this is all happening to you. SPOILER ALERT: In the part where Augustus dies, it is depressing and makes you cry…ALOT. It is beautiful in the sense of reality. This could potentially happen to anybody.

The quotes in this book are wonderful too. The way the quotes are used in this book makes it wonderful. the quotes and the whole movie make you think of life in a different way. It makes you realize that you could die at potentially any second and it makes you appreciate life. I would recommend this movie to everybody.TFIOSTFIOS1

The Geography Of You And Me

Jennifer E. Smith’s third novel is a beautiful story of long distance love stories. Owen and Lucy are literally oceans apart until they find a way to reunite. What starts out as a completely awkward elevator trip turns into a breath-taking love story about moving and unrealized love. This could also have been in a series with This Is What Happy Looks Like and The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight.

This Is What Happy Looks Like

Another lovely installment from Jennifer E. Smith. This could have been in a series with my previous post but instead it isn’t. This is also about romance and weird mistakes. Ellie and Graham’s wonderfully odd story about emails will defiantly make you look at emails in an entirely different way.

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight

This has to be THE BEST BOOK EVER. A well spoken and woven book, this is a perfect romance novel. It is about finding love at a glance and the wonderful things about coincidences. Hadley and Oliver’s perfect love story is uplifting and surprising. Jennifer E. Smith is guaranteed to change the way you look at airplanes.

Consider Your Functions

Have you ever thought about how the human body works? Now, have you ever thought about how the human body has the ability to move and function? For some of you…no for others yes. I often think about it. How does the human body function? I find it interesting that with just a single thought we can control our bodies. How? Apparently no one on the internet knows. If you have answers then please tell me.

Nikola Tesla

Have you guys ever heard of Nikola Tesla? Probably not. It’s very sad that people dont know much about him. Nikola Tesla was a very intelligent man who was missunderstood. He was possibly the greatest scientist/man that ever lived. HE was the one to create the light bulb. HE was the one to create the neon lights. HE created the Tesla coils. HE would have been the greatest man ever if he only had figured out the way to sucess and money. You all remember Edison right? He is a fake and an idea stealer. Tesla had invented everything that Thomas Edison ever said that he invented. Tesla invented all those ideas but he forgot to patenthis inventions. Edison then saw his ideas and copied them. Tesla was so smart that he didnt even have to write his ideas down. He just invented stuff from memory. He was possibly as smart as Steven Hawking. And Steven Hawking had mindblowing intelligence even for a non-disabled man. This guy invented the alternating current for Petes sake. We should at least give him some credit. So to sum it all up Nikola Tesla was awesome and Edison was a thief.

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